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[News from IFMA Hong Kong Chapter Corporate Partner] ISS Global Research: Two-thirds of businesses invest in their office environment to prioritise employee engagement

Employee engagement is the top priority for global businesses post-covid, and nearly two-thirds are investing in their office, according to new global research by ISS. In addition, the majority of the companies have no plans of reducing office space. The companies who do plan to reduce are at the same time also investing significantly in enabling better innovation and collaboration. All in all, the office is far from dead - it is just being repurposed.

Workplace priorities have changed significantly for businesses over the past couple of years. Operational efficiency and cost savings were some of the most prioritised outcomes for office planning and decision making pre-covid. Now, employee engagement is at the top, while talent attraction has become a new priority in top five.

These findings are based on a new survey conducted by ISS, a leading workplace and facility management company, of 100 of its global customers, covering various industries, including some of the world's largest banks and professional services firms. The insights are estimated to represent over a million office-based employees worldwide.

For more details, please visit: https://www.issworld.com/en/news/2022/05/23/investing-in-office-environment