Asia Pacific Awards of Excellence

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  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Collaborative Partnership

    The judges will be looking for collaborative partnerships between one or more organizations, or departments within the same organization, that have developed a symbiotic business relationship to their mutual benefit.

    Specifically, the following elements should be discussed: the details and history of the collaboration; the common goals; the means of communication; consensus building and conflict resolution, and; the achievements and future direction of the partnership.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

    Facility managers are key to reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment. This award recognizes excellent facilities where FM drives the organization to put the planet and nature at the heart of their business strategy.

    The submission should demonstrate how to challenge status quo and conventional thinking, transit the operation from linear to circular, decarbonization, GHG emission inventory management and disclosure, and insight to future achievements.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Facility Management Operations

    This award will recognize excellence in facility management operations through a discussion of how the 11 competencies developed by IFMA have been applied for the facility organization.

    The submission should also identify how you: drive continuous improvement; keep your team up-to-date on changes in FM; support your team's career development, and; have achieved improvements through the application of these recognized FM management techniques.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Facility Management Strategy

    The judges will be looking for a project or projects, taken from the organizations' facility strategic plan and implemented before August 31, 2021, that met the objectives as defined in the strategic plan.

    In particular they will be looking for: alignment; completed due diligence; engagement; project control and management, and; lessons learnt.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Facility Management Technology

    The successful application of technology is a prerequisite for efficient and effective management across the organization.

    This award will recognize the application of technology at any and every level with organization, where it is: practical; comprehensive; easily used; contributes to the organizations knowledge, and; has achieved the original project objectives.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Public Institution Management

    This award will recognize outstanding institutions with a public interface to manage.

    Your submission should focus on: describing what you do and how this interacts with the public, and; how you develop and implement strategies, policies & processes to manage this interface.

    The judges will be particularly interested in: innovative ideas you have implemented to resolve non-standard challenges; how you maintain relationships with the public, and; how you determine and respond to public demands and expectations.

  • Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Risk Management

    The judges will be looking for organizations which are able to clearly understand the Demand Organization and its risk involves. The nomination must show nominee’s continuous improvement in risk management, planning actions to respond to identified opportunities & threats involves and how to determine any issues identified and organization’s requirements will be addressed.

  • Asia Pacific Facility Management Associate Partner of the Year

    This award will recognize partner of facility manager who developed outstanding business model or product, to upskill, reskill FM organization and elevate the FM performance to breakthrough value for the demand organization.

    Since the project could be a newly developed product or service, nominee can demonstrate successful development process that shake-up the “FM lifestyle” as an evidence of achievement in the submission.

  • Asia Pacific Facility Management Outsource Service Provider of the Year

    The judges will be looking for outstanding service providers with a proven track record of delivering service above & beyond the contracted scope of the agreement with the client.

    In particular, the submission should focus on: talent management; training; currency in the FM profession; risk management, and; auditing & reporting to show compliance to scope

    Additionally you should cover how you manage the client's expectations and your work related to the client’s corporate responsibilities such as community outreach and sustainability.

  • Asia Pacific Innovation Award

    This award will recognize projects and processes that bring something new to the organization or to the FM industry. These should be original in their application to FM, but may be transferred from another area of business.

    The judges will be looking for your definition of innovation and how your submission meets this definition.

    They also want to see: the benefits the innovation brings - over and above the normal process; how this may be applied elsewhere; if there are any special circumstances that mitigated the innovation, and; the challenges in getting the innovation through the organization structure & stakeholders.


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  • Asia Pacific Facility Manager of the Year

    This award will recognize outstanding Facilities Managers who have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the FM professional and to the success of their organization through his/her:knowledge; competency; enthusiasm, and; effectiveness.