Measuring and verifying energy savings



Past President, IFMA Hong Kong Chapter


A veteran of the energy industry, Jon Seller has over 35 years of experience in energy management and facility management across Asia Pacific. He has developed energy management and operational solutions for almost every type of facility in over 26 countries. 

Seller is currently the General Manager of Optegy Group, an energy and automation services company based in Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to Optegy, he was the Performance Contracting business unit leader for Honeywell’s China and Pacific Region. An IFMA member since 2001, Seller is an IFMA Fellow, a Past Chair of the Global IFMA Board of Directors, has been a serving Director of Global IFMA Board of Directors, and a Past President of the Hong Kong chapter of IFMA. 

He is passionate about promoting FM as a career of choice, particularly in regions where the profession is still developing


There are countless organisations and individuals who are promoting and in some cases deploying energy saving technologies and systems. In the conversations one topic that is most usually not included is how to measure the outcomes from the energy saving initiatives. 

The process of demonstrating the energy savings is referred to as “measurement and verification”, and when done correctly provides a fair, transparent, and repeatable outcome. 

The presentation will discuss the process for effectively calculating and subsequently demonstrating energy savings, and the processes involved. Also will discuss the difference between energy savings and money savings. 

To wrap up there will be a case study of a project showing how the energy savings were calculated, and demonstrated for a real life project.