Digital Twin Enabled ESG Partnership for Office Properties


Ir Dr Edward CHAN

Deputy General Manager, Project Management Department, Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.



Digital Twin realized by the integration of traditional building management system with building information modelling, digital facility management portal, smart office app and big data analytics could achieve better people-oriented service to the office tenants, more efficient and systematic facility management as well as more opportunities in energy, carbon and water reduction. The presentation will introduce the digital twin applications in two completed office building developments in Hong Kong. Recently, the application of the digital twin has been moved forward and integrated with the newly launched ESG Partnership Programme in the new flagship office development project in Central, facilitating partnership amongst the property and facility management, tenants and their individual employees.


Edward is a Deputy General Manager of the Project Management 2 Department of Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. Edward also is a member of the corporate-level Sustainability Working Group and the chair of the corporate-level Green Building Sub-committee. Edward is an expert in built environment and sustainability. Over the decade, Edward has been serving on a number of award-winning new commercial and residential development projects in Hong Kong. Digital Twin with BIM-enabled facility management portal had been introduced in his commercial projects since 2016. In his recent projects, the digital twin has been integrating with ESG partnership programme that benefits to both building operator and corporate tenants’ ESG reporting.


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