W.K. Kwok WKkwok
Project manager
Sun Hung Kai Properties Co. Ltd

Case Studies on Chiller Plant System Energy - Saving Control Strategies Analysis - Shanghai IFC


Session Discription:


An energy-saving retrofit was carried out in Shanghai IFC chiller plant system, by doing this, the system operating efficiency has been improved significantly and its energy consumption has then been reduced. This presentation analyzed the optimization methods and their effects on energy saving and emission reduction based on real operation data from the IFC chiller plant system. We hope this analysis can provide some guidance for future implementation of chiller plant control system optimization to other buildings. This research also introduced a novel approach to carry out ahead-prediction on the change of building cooling load by use of artificial intelligence. The prediction result was found to be encouraging. The coupling of this technique with the above optimization control strategies will avoid unexpected energy consumption due to the frequent start/stop of the chiller plant equipment.



Speaker Profile:

Ir Dr Kwok completed his PhD degree at City University of Hong Kong in 2006. He is presently the project manager of Sun Hung Kai Properties Co. Ltd. responsible for the E&M project management of Shanghai ifc. He has 20 years extensive experience on project management of PRC projects. He is also the expert of Intelligent Building Committee of China Construction Industry Association, China (中國建築業協會智能建築分會專家工作委員會專家) from 2008.