Timothy Burndred Timothy Burndredv2
Regional Manager
JEB International
The Future Workplace 

Session Description:

In his discussion “The next generation of Workplace” Tim will be using his experience and research to discuss three key topics important to the future of workplace design.

1. The economics and psychology of our shrinking office space – in this section Tim will discuss the future of our shrinking workplaces and the effect that this will have on our occupiers and the way that JEB are designing products to promote flexibility.

2. The next generation of office users – As a representative of the millennials, Tim will be outlining how the new generation of workers (that are set to take over the majority of the people in the workplace) will impact the way that offices are designed and used on a daily basis.

3. Are we all moving in the same direction? With office space shrinking and GenY taking over the workforce, are we all working to the same ultimate goals for the future of workplace design?


Speaker Profile:

Timothy Burndred has worked in construction and commercial workplace for nearly 15 years. With experience ranging from project management, corporate churn management, product design and international business, Tim is now the Regional Manager of JEB International. JEB designs and manufacturers innovative architectural systems to provide corporate clients with acoustic partitions, flexible wall systems and various customised architectural products for commercial workplace. Tim’s role is to oversee the design and production of customised projects and manage distribution markets around Asia.