Max Missbichler  Max
Senior Sales Manager
MASHRAE, TROX Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
The Latest Development & Case Studies on Chilled Beam/Ceiling

Session Description:

Chilled beam systems are a kind of low-energy air-conditioning technology. In this seminar, the speaker will introduce this state-of-the-art technology and share his valuable experience in the application of chilled beam systems as well as some HK projects. The seminar will cover the differences between chilled beam and chilled ceiling systems, the three basic types of chilled beam systems and their pros and cons, selection criteria and design considerations, control methods for the systems, method of installation, commissioning and maintenance, case studies of practical applications and techniques to achieve a condensation-free system.

Speaker Profile:

Max Missbichler grew up in Austria and has over 10 years’ experience in HVAC systems. He started in the HVAC business as an Engineer employed by a HVAC contactor. In 2002 he moved to TROX in Austria and became their Technical Expert before relocating to Malaysia in 2008. Max is now responsible for the promotion of TROX technology in the Asia Pacific region excluding China. Max is a great advocate of encouraging the adoption of green technology which is fueled by his concern for the environment and enabled by his wealth of practical experience.