Jin Kim JinKim w
Global Solution Architect
Schneider Electric Asia Pacific Limited

Intelligent Green Buildings Usher in Operational Advantage


Session Description:

Governmental regulations and market conditions have ushered in the need for intelligent green buildings which in fact are benefiting from mainstream technological developments. These technologies are providing unique opportunities for organizations to continuously validate operational energy performance and environmental compliance. Open systems advances, the trend of everything connected, cloud services, and advanced dashboards, collectively now make it possible for dissimilar building data to be presented in actionable formats. These advances support three key business areas including; documented energy target achievement supporting energy subsidy and rebate programs; documented environmental compliance; and continuous improvement opportunities.
For the first time, building and energy managers can now make timely and educated decisions regarding their energy consumption and building performance. They can baseline and compare their energy and operational performance against established standards or similar building types. New building analytics software and cloud services can now continuously monitor operations to identify problems and prioritize repair actions based on energy and sustainability impact.

Speaker Profile:

Mr. Kim received his Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering from Sydney University in 1984. With his long and continuous career centered around controls of diverse kinds ranging from industrial process to HVAC applications, he is currently performing the role of global solution architect within Schneider Electric to bring his experience and insight into the methodology of energy efficiency and efficacy in various environments.